MESA Solutions consults, innovates and educates in the wide-ranging disciplines of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and metrology, both locally and abroad. MESA is rooted in the winelands of Southern Africa with Table Mountain in its skyline.

Some services include (but are not limited to):

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting
  • Pre-compliance EMI/RFI emissions testing
  • Implementation of RFI mitigation measures
  • EMC courses and education
  • Material property measurements
    (waveguide, coaxial probes and free space)
  • EMC and Metrology Education
  • Antenna calibration
  • Shielding effectiveness measurements of EMC enclosures
  • Reverberation chamber measurements
  • Wind turbine EMI characterisation and analysis
    (used in environmental impact assessments)

The expertise in MESA Solutions derives from sustained academic research on electromagnetic projects and metrology going back to the 1980's. MESA Solutions has been involved in: EMI mitigation and EMC management of South Africa's Square Kilometre Array Demonstrator: MeerKAT; interference analysis and remediation on numerous small and large scale systems; corona interference reduction measures on high voltage power lines; sparking detection on power lines; EMC facility validation; general study of high frequency cabling systems. MESA is additionally interested in providing pertinent instruction to industry and has prepared short course and laboratory material for this purpose.

Reg. No. 2002/025186/07

EMC Metrology and Simulation

MESA Solutions recently presented their new course EMC Metrology and Simulation in colaboration with Altair FEKO in Australia. Click here for an overview of this exciting new educational tool that can help your company unpack EMC and design issues using computational analysis.