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Advanced EMC for Laboratories and Industry

MESA Solutions regularly offers EMC courses to South African industry. The popular EMC Fundamentals for Laboratories and Industry course provides participants with physical insights that foster, from an EMC perspective, better equipment usage, equipment construction, design and cable layout. The principles are universal and can be applied to systems ranging from PCB size to power lines.

The applied Advanced Course on EMC for Laboratories and Industry builds on the fundamentals of the standard course and provides participants with the ability to:

  1. Consider the EMC implications of practical cabling and layout of their products
  2. Mitigate EMI problems that have been detected through a better understanding of main sources of conducted and radiated EMI
  3. Understand grounding, safety and lightning issues with EMC in mind
  4. Do pre-compliance measurements on their own products using in-house or easily accessible resources.

To attend the advanced course, it is best to have completed our EMC Fundamentals course.