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EMC Metrology and Simulation

MESA Solutions, in collaboration with Altair FEKO, recently presented this new course in Australia.


Learning Outcomes

The foundation of this proposed 4-day course is based on the popular MESA Solutions “EMC Fundamentals for Laboratories and Industry” course. The proposed course covers fundamental EMC principles and illustrates how CEM can be used as a tool to visualise fields and currents in EMC-related problem solving.  The course is presented as a collaboration between instructors of Mesa Solutions and Altair.  After the course participants will:

  • Have working knowledge of methods of EMC coupling.
  • Have working knowledge of methods of shielding in problematic EMC environments.
  • Understand how to apply FEKO to modelling of typical EMC problems.

Course Structure

Day 1 to 3: Theory and Experiments, Supported by CEM Modelling

  • Common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) coupling methods.
  • Transfer impedance of instruments and cables.
  • Seams and cable trays: Are full enclosures required?
  • Effect of shielding plates in coupling reduction.
  • 90% of EMC problems are cable related: experiments to demonstrate this.

Day 4: General Metrology & EMC

  • Spectrum analysers, network analysers and EMI receivers.
  • Current diversion techniques and grounding: Solutions to EMC issues?
  • Electric and magnetic field sensors and in-house calibration.
  • In-house pre-compliance testing & alternative EMC measurements.
  • What does all this mean for labs and industrial environments?

The course objective is to provide a deeper insight into EMC problems through measurement and computation. It will therefore be beneficial for participants to already command a basic understanding of electromagnetics and the use of CEM software at the start of the course. The course will be presented at suitable venues at the customer’s premises over 4 days. Attendees should anticipate 6 hours per day of active participation.

Typical Course Dates and Timeline

The course can start on either a Monday or Tuesday, allowing the course to complete within 1 week.

The course is presented in roughly the following flow.

Day 1

08:30 Registration and Coffee
08:45 Introduction and Overview
08:55 Demonstration of twin-ex experiments and variations thereof
09:30 Tea/Coffee break
11:30 Common Mode (CM) & Differential Mode (DM) coupling methods
13:00 Lunch
14:00 FEKO modelling session

Day 2

08:30 Coffee
09:00 Transfer Impedance of Instruments and Cables I
10:30 Cable EMI and EMS
13:00 Lunch
14:00 FEKO modelling session

Day 3

08:30 Coffee
09:00 Seams and Cable trays: Are full Enclosures Needed?
10:00 EMC Cabinet & Enclosure Design
11:00 EMSS - FEKO modelling session
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Effect of Shielding Plates in Coupling Reduction
15:00 FEKO modelling session

Day 4

08:45 Coffee
09:00 Current Diversion Techniques and Grounding: Solutions to EMC Issues?
10:00 Transfer Impedance of Instruments and Cables II
11:00 Spectrum Analysers, Network Analysers and EMI Receivers
11:30 Electric and Magnetic Field Sensors and In-house Calibration
12:30 In-house Pre-compliance Testing & Alternative EMC Measurements
13:00 Lunch
14:00 What does it all mean?
15:00 FEKO Wrap-up
16:30 Course Conclusion

Apply for this Training

For more information, or to apply for this course, please contact info@mesasolutions.co.za.