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EMC Fundamentals for Laboratories and Industry

A two day EMC fundamentals course will cover underlying EMC principles, practical techniques, EMC hardening measures and good design. In particular, unwanted electric and magnetic field coupling is demonstrated through a simple twin-wire experiment. Issues associated with unnecessary ground loops, poor equipment placement and connections, and the use of common wires are illustrated simply from the demonstration.

From this foundation appropriate usage of oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, EMI receivers and other equipment can be introduced. Suitable laboratory probes, grounding techniques, shielding methods and EMI remediation will then be examined. An experiment has been designed to demonstrate a realistic equipment measurement scenario which encapsulates all the key elements of the EMC and metrology course. To augment this, a new computational EM section is introduced which aids the visualisation of EM coupling and presents the design of a practical, wideband E-field antenna. A final session examines company-specific EMC issues, relevant legislation, open-area test-site measurement versus chamber/alternative measurements.

The intention of the course is to provide participants with physical insights that will foster, from an EMC perspective, better equipment usage, equipment construction, design and cable layout. The principles are universal and can be applied to systems ranging from PCB size to power lines. The course is designed for technical and engineering personnel involved in EMC measurement or electrical and electronic equipment design at any point in the development life-cycle.