MESA Solutions  makes use of a multi faceted approach to provide insight into the wide-ranging disciplines of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency interference (RFI) and metrology. This includes both conventional and real-time spectrum analysis in the time and frequency domains. Correlation between common mode (CM) interference currents and radiated spectra enables us to identify resonant or near-resonant cable lengths.


A broader description of some, but not all of the services available, is given below:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) consulting                                                

  • Pre-compliance EMI/RFI emissions testing

  • Implementation of RFI mitigation measures

  • In-situ interference characterisation

  • Material property measurements 
    (waveguide, coaxial probes and free space)

  • RF propagation analysis

  • Antenna calibration 

  • EMC and Metrology courses and education

  • Shielding effectiveness measurements of EMC enclosures

  • Reverberation chamber measurements

  • Environmental impact assesments for renewable energy developments

  • Lightning protection policy and implementation (SANS 62305)