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Consulting, Innovating and Educating in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Metrology

mesa /'māsǝ

(Noun) Pronounced may-sa: an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides. 
The word is derived via Spanish fro
m the Latin "mensa", meaning table.

The same Latin word relates to the verb to measure.

Following this theme, we think of MESA as Metrology Expertise in South Africa.

The Science of Measurement


Rooted in the winelands of Southern Africa, MESA Solutions has both technical and academic experience that has been developed since the 1980's. As a team, we consult, innovate and educate in the wide-ranging disciplines of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency interference (RFI) and metrology. A central element of our work links to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope both locally and internationally. The goal is to keep the telescope regions electromagnetically whisper-quiet so that the origins of universe can be "heard".  Essential parts of this process include identifying coupling mechanisms and analysing field propagation. This expertise is relevant for wide-ranging industrial applications.


We investigate the EMC properties of electrical and electronic systems, ranging from circuit boards to large scale facilities. Identifying galvanic paths, and understanding interactions between relevant nearby loops, are two key aspects in mitigating interference. We also specialise in EMC pre-compliance and diagnostic testing using our jointly-developed reverberation chamber, along with common-mode current equivalent measurements.

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MESA has a strong research and education-based foundation. Sharing active knowledge on EMC and metrology good practice is at the core of our thinking. Engagements with clients often begins with a broad overview of essential EMC principles, illustrated with simple case studies.


To take this further we have offered many formal courses at an introductory and advanced level on topics related to EMC and metrology, with some specialist and tailored courses including reverberation chambers, network analysis and aspects related to high voltage engineering and power distribution.


With increasing hybrid work practices, the more traditional 2 - 3 day courses have evolved into 1-day and online course offerings.

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Our Commitment

MESA Solutions is committed to providing its clients with high-standard EMC and metrology services. This is achieved by a deep understanding of specific electromagnetic and physical insights, coupled with careful metrology. As a company we strive to foster and maintain healthy relationships with our clients and employees.

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MESA Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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