The Science of Measurement

mesa /'māsǝ

(Noun) Pronounced may-sa: an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides. 
The word is derived via Spanish from the Latin "mensa", meaning table.

The same Latin word can also be understood as a form of the past participle of the verb to measure, "metiri". 



MESA Solutions consults, innovates and educates in the wide-ranging disciplines of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency interference (RFI) and metrology both locally and abroad. We recently started to expand into the field of propagation analysis and its use in interference assessments. MESA is rooted in the winelands of Southern Africa and has both technical and academic experience that have been developed over the last 16 years.



Some of the systems we investigate range from compact PCBs to large scale facilities. Identifying relevant galvanic paths, and understanding how interference currents couple to nearby or touching conductive loops, are two key aspects in mitigating interference issues. We also specialise in pre-compliance testing that makes use of reverberation chamber measurements to calculate total emitted power. Click for more detail on current and past activities.

EMC Short Course

We regularly present short courses on EMC, Metrology, Advanced EMC and,  more recently, Reverberation Chamber Calibration and Usage. The courses are open to participation from both academia and industry irrespective of experience. However, some knowledge of EMC and RF testing would be an advantage.

Due to Covid-19 in 2020, we experimented with an online, company-specific, short course. If you are interested in any of these fields, do contact us.

A Proud Statement

MESA Solutions is committed to providing its clients with high-standard EMC and metrology services. This is achieved by an in-depth understanding of specific electromagnetic and physical insights, coupled with careful metrology. The expertise in MESA Solutions derives from sustained technical and academic experience that have been developed since the mid-1980's.

MESA is generally associated with complex EMC problems in industry but can also assist with routine product test/certification and precompliance evaluations. Where necessary, we assist in planning such tests to comply with standards, or the interpretation of problematic results. The company is additionally interested in providing pertinent EMC instruction to industry and has short courses and laboratory material available for this purpose.

MESA insists on generating and maintaining strict ethical business relationships between its clients and its employees.



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